Behind The Wheel - #28 - Becca Marso

When working with kids all day, you must find a way to unplug, right? Becca Marso finds her best way to unplug is through drag racing and cars. From South Dakota, Becca is a mother of two, engaged to her fiancé, Stephan, and runs an in-home daycare. When she’s not drag racing in her Audi TT, you might find her at a car show with her family.

Becca always wanted to be a part of cars and be in the scene, she told me. “I used to drive a jacked up truck in high school, I loved it, but it wasn’t for me”, she said. Throughout her timeline she laughed when she told me about everything she has owned. From her truck to a Jeep Liberty to a Jeep Grand Cherokee, at the time “I thought I was so cool”, she said. She met her now fiancé Stephan and they would ride motorcycles together and go to events like cars and coffee in Sioux City. At one of these events, she saw an Audi A4 that was for sale, fell in love with it, and was determined to bring it home… so she did. From then she has had an adventure with Audis, consistently getting faster and setting records.

Becca found herself in Oklahoma City for her first Women & Wheels class ever in November of 2021. Her and her husband took the 10-hour drive not necessarily knowing how the event would pan out since it was their first time. I asked her what made her decide to make the 10 hour trip and she told me, “I thought it was so cool it was all women. There’s no pressure, and I didn’t feel like it was competition in a bad way.”. With her accomplishing some firsts that weekend competing in this new to her class, she also had another first. This was her first time running the full ¼ mile in her new car.
Her new car is a 2018 Audi TTRS, which is currently modified with a Unitronic stage 2 tune, full bolt-ons, and is on E-85. Her fastest pass so far is a 10.3 and she is hoping to see a 9 this year after some simple modifications, better tires, and weight reduction. Before the TTRS, Becca had a 2012 S4 and held the record for the 3rd fastest B8 S4, and for over a year, held the record for the fastest 60’ in one as well. Her biggest supporter at the track is her fiancé Stephan, she told me he is her mechanic, spokesperson, and the person that helps her through it all. “My daughter Ellie is my number one cheerleader at every car show though, if she was old enough she’d come to the track more often”, she said.

Authenticity is something Becca truly believes in, and when it comes to her role models, she cant just pick one. “I just meet new people and I think they’re cool. I look up to so many people and if I meet them and they’re authentic, I just want to watch what they do. That inspires me.”, she told me. When she competed in the Women & Wheels class in Oklahoma City, she was able to go a few rounds. She got knocked out third round, but when this is your first ¼ race in your new car, that is nothing to be upset about.

Reliving the event, she gave me her thoughts, “Everyone was so welcoming. I didn’t know what to expect going into it. I didn’t know how the class was ran, and I drove 10 hours blindly. I loved everything about it, there wasn’t only one moment I enjoyed more than another. It was comforting, wasn’t nerve-wracking, and I felt at ease”. Becca’s advice if you wanted to get involved would be, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t have to. Look at the light and go, even if you have a 10-second reaction time, there is adrenaline in just going down the track. Just do it”.

To conclude our conversation, I asked her what she believes Women & Wheels is doing for women in this industry. “It has made it so much fun going to the track. It helped my confidence, and I have been trying got get local girls to compete in it too!”, she said. “My best friend doesn’t race but I’m even trying to get her to. There’s so much confidence in going to an event that has a women’s class because it takes the pressure off being there. I have confidence in racing in other events even if I’m slower. It’s fun to know that I can drive 10 hours away just to race my car, and have a good time”, she ended with.

Becca will be at Tulsa this weekend competing in the Women & Wheels class, so be sure to watch out for her!
You can find her on IG @whtegrl_ttrs.