Behind The Wheel

  • Behind The Wheel - #9 - Kylee Van Buren

    A need for speed (that she didn’t know she had) is what got her hooked-on racing. Kylee VanBuren is 25 and lives in St. Charles, Michigan with her ...
  • Behind The Wheel - #8 - Kaylee Martinez

    Some people are lucky enough to grow up in an environment surrounded by cars and racing, and before they even know it, the automotive industry is w...
  • Behind The Wheel - #7 - Brandi Pierce

    When you hear the words “Mercedes-Benz” and “racing” you may think of Lewis Hamilton and Formula 1 racecars. You more than likely aren’t imagining ...
  • Behind The Wheel - #6 - Taylor Carey

    Juggling school, work, and traveling across the country sounds hard, right? Not for Taylor Carey, she’s 19 and is currently attending Michigan Stat...
  • Behind The Wheel - #5 - Jay Pritchett

    On Wednesdays, you can find a new article of Behind the Wheel, featuring another badass lady that competed in the Women & Wheels class, but on ...
  • Behind The Wheel - #4 - Sasha Holley

    Some people become involved in the motorsports industry from growing up and watching it or hearing about it, some people accidentally become invol...
  • Behind The Wheel - #3 - Brittany Glanzer

     “It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time down the
    track or 60th , its about women supporting one another. Even if you’ve never met, its like meeting people
    you already knew and its encouraging. Its brought women that are there to just support you”.
  • Behind The Wheel - #2 - Tiffany Hockett

    “I’ve built really empowering friendships with other ladies. I think it’s showing women you don’t have to have a racecar. You can be with a group of girls and enjoy yourself whether you have a Prius or a GT-R.”
  • Behind The Wheel - #1 - Sophie Fox

    "Just like every other class, you’ll see cars lined up in the staging lanes. But when you see the women’s class lined up, you’ll also see the ladies hanging out and talking to each other before racing. I think this takes away the negative competitive edge and can help rookies get involved. Although ladies are accepted in this industry, sometimes they’re pitted against each other just for driving the same type of car or for being a woman and it’s not about that."