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In 2021 we saw over 75 women from all corners of the country take part in our Women’s Class. We saw built motors, stock motors, gutted race cars and full interiors, Professional racers and track beginners. We saw Hellcats, Trackhawks, GTRs, R8s, Mustangs, G8s, CTSVs, Escalades, Camaros and so, so many more.
 The reason our class is such a great starting point for any women wanting to race is because we are a 'Choose Your Own Dial In' Bracket Race. Meaning, it doesn't matter if you have an 8-sec Car or a fully stock Toyota Camry. You have a chance to WIN! We always offer practice rounds "qualifying rounds" before eliminations begin so you get a chance to make a few passes beforehand.
The best part is we do a seperate Driver's Meeting day of the race so we go over how to stage correctly, how the light works, what you need to do etc. We walk you through the entire process (if you need it) so that you can be sucessful! 
Our class is STILL competitive enough for seasoned racers to race with us! It is a $100 Buy in, $1000 payout. You can win a carbon fiber plaque, a winner's jacket provided by sponsors CT Performance & Synergy Motorsports, and a RaceBabe box- a goodie box filled with drag racing themed swag!
Every lady who has come and raced with us has always said that they feel at home. Our racers are some of the nicest ladies you will meet! Guaranteed you will walk away with a few friends for life after competing together. Some of our seasoned racers will also be the first person to help you out, or answer a question. If you are nervous about racing, you have no need to be with us!
If you are interested in running in one of our classes, check out our schedule and see where we are headed to next! You can sign up on race day to race with us, or you can save money by pre-registering beforehand at TheFoat, Street Car Takeover posts all ticket links but you'll be able to find them in our bio too!



  • To enter BEFORE race day, check Street Car Takeover's pages for sign up links for each individual event. You can also sign up ON race day!
  • $100 Buy In - $1000 Pot – 80/20 Split
  • INDEX – You will choose your own index. We aim to run a qualifying pass for each event, if time and weather is a factor, you may run your own qualifying to get your index during TnT.
  • .400 Pro Tree
  •  First To The Finish Without Breaking Out
  • 1st Round Buy Backs – We will continue to offer 1st round buybacks! If you lose the 1st round, you have the ability to buy back in. Lose in the 2nd round or further and you are out for good.
  • Carbon fiber winners plaque
  • Race Babe box full of custom drag racing themed swag like shirts, hoodies, tumblers etc. for the winner!
  • Each driver MUST attend Driver's Meeting and the additional Women's meeting directly afterwards

To those who enter and compete in our class, you will be given one custom driver’s only decal for 2022 and a custom driver’s wristband only available for the women’s class drivers for 2022.



The part we are MOST excited about is that we are turning our Women’s Class into a point’s series!

For those unfamiliar with SCT point series races this means that if you compete in the Women’s Class at least 3 Street Car Takeover events in the 2022 season, you will be in the running to win a grand pot of $3000.  We are able to offer this pot thanks to our point series sponsors AirTek Refrigeration, The Shop, GA and Glanzer Performance!

Each individual event will have a $1000 pot, but the overall point’s winner will receive an additional $3000 at the end of the season!

  • Grand prize - $3000
  • 1st place, 10 points
  • 2nd place, 7 points
  • Semifinalist losers, 4 points
  • Quarterfinalist losers, 2 points
  • Must have raced in at least 3 events for the year
  • In case of rainout AFTER elims begin; each driver will be awarded 2 points
  • Each race the payouts will be paid out as advertised.
  • Money you win at the end of the season if you place 1st in points is ADDITIONAL to your individual race winnings
  • Each single race payout is 500 guaranteed 
  • End of year winnings for each class will be paid by check after the 2022 season is over
  • Winner receives a $200 Detail car cleaning kit from Adam Polishes
  • Winner receives a 10x20 Custom canopy from Red Tide Canopies
  • Custom engraved carbon fiber runners up plaque to 2nd place



We are ALSO introducing the ‘Novice of the Year’ awards!

This award will specifically be for BEGINNERS! During 2021 we saw a bunch of newcomers who had great attitudes, great sportsmanship behavior and all around were a joy to compete with, despite not placing first. This next year we want to single out someone who’s new to the scene, but comes in with all of those qualities and more. The only requirements to be eligible are you must have not competed in more than 5 racing events in your life, prior to this season of women's classes. We will have a Novice Import & Novice Domestic award.

Each winner of the Novice awards will receive a Carbon Fiber Plaque and $200 Car Detail and Cleaning kit from Adam's Polishes!

Winner's are choosen by a panel of W&W staff and Winner's will be announced December 2022. You cannot nominate someone else or yourself for these awards.


What does this mean for the Women’s Class now?

Nothing! It will still continue to be a class for seasoned pros AND track beginners AND everyone in between. The points will just cater to the more competitive women who travel to multiple events, but it will not affect the way we run the women’s class. Whether you run one event or 10, it will always be for women in all aspects of racing, no matter how fast or slow you are! The 2021 season surprised us, we had Tahoe’s and Ford Focus’ take home prize money. This class continues to be one for everyone!


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the biggest season the Women’s Class has seen, please reach out to me with your info and i can send you a detailed sponsorship proposal!

Email: Sophiemrwright@gmail.com