What is the Women's Class at SCT? Why do you have it?

So, what’s the point of a women’s class? Especially when women can run the same classes as men…
Women, in all areas of drag racing, are completely capable of holding it down in whatever class and category they feel like they fit in with. There are trail blazing women in this industry who inspire us every day; Alex Taylor, and her 7 second ’55. Nichole Elff, who runs her 8 second Civic. Lexx Steen, with her 8 second G8. Brooke Berini, and her 8 second GTR. Jo Iacobelli, and her 8 second Mustang. These women have every right to brag on their accomplishments, and I personally can only hope to be half the racers these women are, one day.
The women’s class isn’t because women can’t compete with men. It isn’t because we’re just so gosh darn special and wonderful that we need our own class just for ourselves.
We have a women’s class because all of these women, including myself, started somewhere a long time ago.
Many women start with absolutely no help, no guide, and no direction. The women’s class at SCT is specifically designed so that if seasoned racers want to compete for a chance at winning the pot; they can.
But more importantly if women who are new to this sport they feel welcomed enough by everyone on our team.
We will be there with you 100% of the way. Don’t have a crew? You’ve got us! Have questions you think are dumb? You couldn’t possibly ask anything dumber than I have (and still do). Not sure how the light works? We’ve got you covered.
So many people consistently ask us “Why do they need their OWN class?” well, it’s because we know how intimidating it can be, with all the rules, the lingo, and everything else that goes into drag racing, can be.
We have the resources, the time and the knowledge to help walk these ladies through whatever they might need. Not only that, but several of our experienced racers will as well. There have been countless women in our classes who have raced before that have sat down to explain the light, or the dial in, or how the staging lanes work to our newer racers.
When you sign up for a Women’s Class it’s much more than just “ok, come to lane 4 & 5, ok go. Ok winners back to lane 4 & 5.” You’ll meet new friends, and realize drag racing isn’t as intimidating as it looks from the outside. Our class is competitive, but not cut throat. There are great incentives to win! And the way we set it up; a win is achievable for every racer.
I have received countless e-mails, texts and messages from people all over the country thanking my team for what we do because they/their wives/girlfriends would not have tried out drag racing if it wasn’t for our class.
Every 6-7 second racer at some point also had a 10+ second PB.
Thank you to everyone who has supported this class and understands why we have it. We love what we do, and we love the people we do it for. We are constantly growing and we can’t wait to be at a track near you.
For more information on our Women’s Class please visit: https://womenandwheelsusa.com/pages/2022-womens-class-info