2023 Point Series - Info and Rules - Presented By Legmaker Intakes

For those unfamiliar with Point Series races; this means that if you compete in the Women’s Class- any authorized Women's Class- you will be in the running to win a collection of prizes, awards and cash! Each event you may win points, those points will add up as the season goes on, the racer(s) at the end of the season with the most points will win all of the prizes. In order to collect your prizes, you must have competed in at least 3 Women's Classes in the 2023 season. You will start accruing points immediately though. See the 2023 Women's Class page for more info on each event, and 2023 schedule.

Each individual event will have a $1000 pot, but the overall point’s winner will receive additional money at the end of the season!
All Points Series awards & prizes will be handed out on stage at the Women & Wheels End of Season Gala. (Gala info TBA)
Point Series Winner will recieve:
1. Huge Championship Trophy
2. Championship Ring
3. $1500 Bonus Cash (Presented with a large check on stage)
4. From RaceChick; A prize value of our SFI-1 women’s race suit. Prize will be delivered in the form of a gift card for $400 to apply to any race suit of their choice.
5. Point Series Sponsor Legmaker merchandise, a choice of two between; Legmaker t-shirt, razor back tank, hoodie or hat. 
6. A custom embroidered jacket with winner's name & season
7. A Simpson Formula Bag (Luggage) - $154.95 Value
8. A Simpson Helmet and FHR Combo Bag - $61.75 Value
9. A Simpson Racing Suit Tote Bag - $20.55 Value
Point Series Runner Up(s) will recieve:
1. Custom Engraved Plaque
2. A custom embroidered jacket with Runner Up's name & season
3. A Simpson Pit Back Pack - $61.75 Value
4. A Simpson Racing Single Helmet Bag - $41.15 Value
5. Point Series Sponsor Legmaker merchandise, a choice of two between; Legmaker t-shirt, razor back tank, hoodie or hat.
How to Earn Points
  • If you win an individual Women's Class event, you will receive: 10 points
  • 2nd place, 7 points
  • Semifinalist losers, 4 points
  • Quarterfinalist losers, 2 points
  • Must have raced in at least 3 events for the year in order to collect prizes
  • In case of rainout AFTER elims begin; each driver will be awarded 2 points
  • Each race the payouts will be paid out as advertised.
  • Money you win at the end of the season if you place 1st in points is ADDITIONAL to your individual race winnings.
  • End of year winnings for each class will be paid by check after the 2023 season is over, at the End of Season Gala.
  • Street Car Takeover Women's Classes are eligible for points
  • Street Car Braggin' Rights Women's Class is eligible for points