The Women’s Class is a Choose Your Own Dial In, bracket style class. This means the fastest car does not always win. You can race a stock daily driver, or a fully modded 7 second race car! It does not matter if you have never raced before, or you’re a seasoned racer, there is a spot for you with us- and a chance to win money, prizes and points!
Each driver MUST attend the SCT Driver's Meeting and the additional Women's meeting directly afterwards. It is your responsibility to be there on time for each meeting. The SCT meeting times are posted on the Street Car Takeover event pages on FB, the Women’s meeting is directly afterwards. They are typically held Saturday mornings. We will go over the entire class, any questions, and we will collect phone numbers to start a group chat. When it our time to be called to the lanes you will receive a text message telling you when and where to go. This makes it far easier to know what to do because a lot of tracks we attend have horrible PA systems and you can’t hear anything in the pits.

*as of June 1 2023


  1. No cheater box technology
  2. No throttle stops
  3. No delay boxes inside of the car
  4. Transbrake permitted, if it’s ran through delay box, box must be out of the car
  5. Street car: tagged & insured (SCT rules)
  6. Must be able to drive to the lanes and back on its own powet
  7. DOT stamped tire
  8. Any engine ok
  9. Full front interior - Dash, Seats, Door Panels (rear seat delete OK) ((aftermarket seats such as kirkeys etc are permitted but must have a drivers seat and passenger seat))
  10. Factory style dash & factory door panels *if a car has a roll cage that eliminates space for door panels, W&W staff will inspect the vehicle to determine if it is still able to meet the requirements for competition* this is on a case by case basis. 
  11. Cage/roll bar permitted
  12. Deep staging is allowed but MUST be written clearly on your car and you MUST alert the person in the other lane that you are deep staging. The light will not be held for deep stagers.
  13. Each racer will must go through track tech and pass for safety requirements
  14. Each racer and car will also be teched by a Women & Wheels representative to ensure that the vehicle is in line with the rules
  15. Vehicles will be assessed on a case by case basis. 


We reserve the right to refuse a car entry if it does not fit the spirit of the class.

If you would like to speak with a class official to ensure that your car fits the rules please reach out to us via our Facebook page @Womenandwheelsusa

Full face helmet required at a minimum. Safety gear requirements based on car.
The class is a $100 Buy In - $1000 Pot – 80/20 Split – There will be a small number of classes that have different payouts, this may be because a company has sponsored an additional cash bonus etc. Unless we (Women & Wheels) have specifically posted and advertised a change in pot, the Women’s Class payout will always be $1000: 80/20.
***The Women's Class at Street Car Braggin' Rights in May of 2023 has an increased pot!***
You must purchase a tech card also. You must pre-register for the Street Car Takeover events, tech cards will not be sold day of. (You can purchase a class entry day-of but you must have at least pre-purchased a tech card)
All you need to race with us is a Tech Card & a Class entry!
You can pre-register at, search ‘Street Car Takeover’ and select the event you will be attending, and you will find tech cards for $50 and class entries for the Women’s Class that already include a tech card ($150) If you want to wait until day of to register for the class, just purchase a tech card only.
INDEX – You will choose your own index/dial in. If you are unsure what your car will run - it's okay! We aim to run 1 to 2 qualifying passes for each event, if time and weather is a factor, you may run 1 qualifying pass and another during TnT. You will have the opportunity to make passes before eliminations. *UPDATED AS OF 4/25/23 - YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR DIAL IN BETWEEN ROUNDS*
The class will go off a .400 Pro Tree, this is a very easy tree to learn and pick up. If you are racing for the first time ever with us, we recommend you watch YouTube videos on this tree to get familiar with it. But don’t worry- our entire crew will be on the ground with you to walk you through whatever you need. We will help you stage and go over the light again in our private driver’s meeting, so there is no questions or confusion.
The class is ‘First To The Finish Without Breaking Out’ – This means if you line up next to a 15 second car, and you are a 10 second car; the 15.0 car will get a 5.0 second head start. The slower car leaves first and it is first to the finish, BUT you can’t go quicker than your dial in.
If you dial in a 10.5, and you run a 10.3, that is breaking out. Sometimes you may line up with a car that is very similar to you on dial in, so you will likely takeoff very close to each other.
First round pairing will be decidied by a ladder based on qualifying if racer count is over 12. If less, chip draw. Every round after will always be chip draw.
1st Round Buy Backs – We will continue to offer 1st round buybacks! If you lose the 1st round, you have the ability to buy back in. Lose in the 2nd round or further and you are out for good.
We reserve the right to refuse a car entry if we feel like it does not fit the spirit of the class.
The winner of the class will receive a Trophy, a custom RaceBabe box full of drag racing themed swag, a pink hat from our sponsor 'The Shop', as well as being invited onto W&W owner & founder's podcast 'Ladies Night at the Track' (Find it on IG or FB at @TrackChatPod)
Winner receives 80% of the purse and runner up wins 20% of purse.
To those who enter and compete in our class, you will be given one custom driver’s only decal for 2023 and a custom driver’s wristband only available for the women’s class drivers for 2023, you will recieve both each event you attend. 
Quarter final racers, Semifinal and final racers all receive points for our 2023 Women’s Class points series:
Event winners receive 10.0 points  
Final runner up receives 7.0 points
Semifinal racers receive 4.0 points each
Quarter final racers receive 2.0 points each
Our 2023 Points series info, standings, and prizes can be found on our ‘2023 Points Series’ page.
If you are interested in sponsoring the Women’s Class or the Point Series, please reach out to us directly on FB or email Sophie at