2023 Women's Class Information

The Women’s Class

In 2021 we had over 70 women race with us across 7 states, in 2022 we saw 150+ women race with us across 13 different states! This year we are bringing the heat, upping the ante and making this our best season yet.
We’ve seen stock daily drivers, ‘Mom’ cars, Rental SUV’s all the way to Hellcats, 7 sec Civics, Porsches, GTRs and more. There is a place for everyone in our class, and we hope to see you race with us this year.
If you’ve never raced before; this is a perfect starting point. We help you get comfortable, learn track etiquette, learn the terms and help you figure your way out. We believe in helping break the ice for racing. Many of our racers have gone on to compete in huge events such as TX2K, FL2K, NMRA, Mod Nationals, World Cup and more. We want to watch you succeed and if you need somewhere to start, we’re here for you!
Our class isn’t JUST for beginners. We’ve seen women race with us who have been racing for years. Ladies with 7, 8, 9 second cars. We make our class so fun that it makes you want to race with us no matter what your skill level is.
Thinking about racing with us? We'd love to have you! Check out our rules page to learn more!